Monday, 11 December 2017
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Omnii XT15f


The Omnii XT15f builds on the Omnii adaptable platform, adding features that enable your workers to achieve flawless fulfillment in the coldest corners of your supply chain — from the loading dock to a freezer in an ice cream manufacturing plant to an outdoor yard in the arctic cold of a wintery day.


The right mobile device for different cold chain environments with Chiller and Arctic models 
The condensation-resistant Chiller model is built for -4° F/-20° C environments, while the condensation-free Arctic model is ideal in -22° F/-30° C freezers and for workers moving between cold and warm environments. Both models offer frost-free scanning technology — a heated scan window that prevents internal fogging to ensure successful scanning in condensing environments. Both models also offer a specialized keyboard that is tested and proven to overcome ice buildup and prevent keys from freezing. The Arctic model includes two additional features that maintain display performance in extreme cold: optical bonding prevents internal fogging on the display, while an automatic display heater prevents the deterioration of screen refresh rates common in lower temperatures.

Rugged design for superior reliability and TCO 
With a dual IP65 and IP67 sealing, workers can spill water on or even drop the device in a puddle of water — or work out in the pouring rain. And even a 6.5 ft./2 m drop to concrete won’t impact operation.


A class-leading keyboard that delivers superior usability 
The large high-resolution color touchscreen makes it easy for workers to interact with applications. Key size and placement make data entry easy with one hand, gloved or ungloved. The display is easy to see in just about any lighting condition, including bright sunlight. With plenty of single-press “F” keys, both the 58-key alphanumeric and 34-key numeric keyboards bring push-button simplicity to complex applications.

Industry leading bar code scanning 
Three best-in-class scanning options allow you to capture the bar codes you use today and in the future — 1D or 1D/2D. Our extraordinary “all range” 2D imager delivers true laser speed on all bar codes, from near contact to over 30 ft./9.14 m away. And with Motorola’s superior bar code technology, workers can even capture bar codes that are damaged, scratched, under shrinkwrap or on items that are on the highest shelf of a warehouse rack.


Flexible wireless connectivity options 
802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi provides compatibility with virtually any wireless LAN; support for ‘n’ provides plenty of bandwidth to support any application — from terminal emulation to today’s graphics-intensive web-based Warehouse Management Systems.

Maximize value with maximum uptime
Field serviceability and our support program options help you keep the Omnii XT15f in service and in the hands of your workers. You can change the display, the keyboard and the scanner, right in your facility — no need to send the device to a service depot. And our optional support services cover everything, including accidental damage and wear and tear.



Warehousing & Distribution 
With built in heaters and scan window defoggers you don’t have to worry about cold conditions slowing down movement at your warehouse going in and out of your freezers. The Omnii™ XT15f tracks inventory in real-time as it enters and leaves the warehouse, so products are where they need to be – right when they’re needed.

Whether on the refrigerated line or at an ice-cold dock, better data means fewer errors and lower costs. Create a seamless work environment with the Omnii™ XT15f by connecting employees with accurate up-to-the minute information, so they can deliver better products faster; reduce waste; control costs, and improve customer service.


Transporation & Logistics
Access to real-time communications is vital for those in the business of moving refrigerated goods. The Omnii™ XT15f delivers the features, transportation and logistics employees need for complete visibility of orders, wherever they are, wherever they need to go.

The extensive feature set, unique modular design and temperature-resistance of the Omnii™ XT15f makes it perfect for many industries, including food processing, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, third party logistics, airport baggage handling and port container management.