Monday, 11 December 2017
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Omnii RT15

The Beautifully Rugged Handheld for Field Workers

The new Omnii RT15 is the result of requests for a sleeker, customer-facing device that’s rugged enough to handle unforgiving field environments. It combines modularity, performance and durability for mobile workers.

The RT15 leverages our single, versatile Omnii computing platform to help deliver new technologies quickly and easily. This means it can be simply configured to meet any business need – now or in the future – with no risk of obsolescence. It’s all part of our commitment to open innovation and adaptability.


You Asked For It. 
We Built It.

The enhanced features of Omnii RT15 equips mobiles workers with exactly what they need to do their jobs more efficiently in the field. Plus, its ruggedized performance and sleek form


factor make it truly unique in the marketplace - it helps improve customer service at all levels in the field.

Who says that rugged can’t be beautiful too?


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Key Features & Benefits

Our innovative handheld is packed full of features that allow mobile workers to carry out their tasks with greater ease. Such detail in design is the direct result of building in feedback from our customers.

Advanced Ruggedness
The Omnii™ RT15 enables you to automate key processes and boost real-time productivity through the seamless integration of Windows® CE 6.0 or Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating systems. Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi also allows for easy connection to printers and WLAN networks. And it is certified IP65. So the Omnii™ RT15 can handle the harshest or field service environments.

Adaptability In The Field
The products we build on the Omnii platform are always fit for purpose to allow you greater choice and flexibility in the field. This means that Omnii™ RT15 is future-ready as hardware can be reconfigured – and not replaced – saving your business up to 30% on lifetime total cost of ownership.


Superior Technology
Our expertise lies in making mobile workers more productive, so we have ensured that Omnii™ RT15 is complete with the best available technology and still withstands the harsh demands of field service environments. Built with the new Texas Instruments® AM3715 Sitara ARM microprocessor and a Psion designed Custom ASIC architecture, Omnii™ RT15 delivers industry-leading performance and efficiency with an extended battery life of up to 20 hours.

Ultimate Usability
There is no sense designing a handheld for field service applications if it is not user-friendly for mobile workers. This is why ergonomics are crucial to the makeup of Omnii™ RT15, ensuring mobile workers are efficient and effective on their jobs. Equipped with PsionVU software, transflective screens and a balanced construction that is perfectly weighted for comfort and practicality, the Omnii™ RT15 has a friendly user interface that makes your workers happy and more productive.

Typical Applications

The extensive feature set and unique modular design of Omnii™ RT15 means the applications are truly endless. The Omnii™ RT15 can help businesses increase efficiencies and maximize productivity in a variety of applications, including:

   - Field Services
   - Trucking and Transportation
   - Mobile Ticketing
   - Postal and Courier Services
   - Public Safety